Stefaan de Vreese (He/Him)

Founder & CEO


Stefaan De Vreese is the founder and CEO of Titanology, a dynamic platform devoted to business development within the LGBTQ+ community. He is also a co-founder of the BENELUX LGBTIQ+ Business Chamber.As an LGBTQ+ business strategist, Stefaan is driven by a passion for helping others create sustainable business growth without increasing their workload.

Working alongside business owners with a genuine desire to make an impressive impact in the world, Stefaan helps freelancers, coaches, consultants, and service providers build and scale their businesses. Some of the clients he has worked with include Them Studio, Tom Basgil, Illiemangaro, Eleven Ways, Anthony Iannarino, Rhami Aboud, and Robin Waite, among others.Stefaan also founded MatchUp Media, an innovative platform for transforming online audiences into dedicated fans and customers. He has also established ThisIsBasketball, Belgium's biggest and popular basketball media site.