Pierre Gaubert

CEO and Co-Founder


Adrien and Pierre co-created and now run the myGwork platform where LGBT employees and candidates can not only network but also find employment opportunities within friendly organisations. myGwork is a tool for companies to get feedback from their staff and make sure their improve where they need to. Individual members can choose to become mentors and help their fellow G work members with career advice. They promote role models through personal stories in their blog section. Externally, they have been involved with l’Autre Cercle where they took part in conferences on diversity issues. They promote the work of international associations like Plural Peru or the Women Coalition of Hong Kong. They have also featured in articles in the general media about the importance of creating a strong LGBT community, including the Guardian and The Huffington Post. They support the P3 network and as alumni they mentor LGBT students from LSE and King’s College. In 2015 they won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Attitude Award. They created a media partnership with Gay Star News to give more visibility to their corporate partners’ profiles, events and role stories.