Maryam Din (They/She)



Maryam (they/she) is a queer non-binary woman, a Muslim, and an activist. They are a Director at TransActual, which is a trans-led and run organisation working towards a world where trans people can live freely, safely and with dignity, with access to the healthcare that suits their needs. Maryam’s work at TransActual is focused on equality, diversity and inclusion, community engagement and empowerment as well as outreach, training, consultancy and workshops.

They are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. In their day job, they support a portfolio of UK and global clients with their LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion and community-based work using research, current good practice and their own knowledge and expertise. Maryam is an experienced public speaker and workshop facilitator on a range of topics including race, culture, religion, LGBTQ+ communities, community engagement, workplace inclusion, social justice and activism.