Jennifer Rademaker


Chief Future of Work Officer

Jennifer has spent 16 years at Mastercard, where she has most recently been appointed the Chief Future of Work Officer as she leads Mastercard's approach to adapting and optimizing  ways of working through innovative people policies and job models, technology, and office design and location.

In her role as LGBT+ Ally, Jennifer focuses her effort in two areas: visible advocacy and career coaching. She leverages her visibility at Mastercard (MA) to be a very public supporter of LGBT+ employees, marching with colleagues at the New York and London Pride parades, and using internal communications and social media to show her advocacy.

In addition to extensive mentoring and coaching responsibilities, Jennifer provides support to Mastercard’s UK Pride team in their evaluation of HR policies and documentation for LGBT+ components, including assessing the business against the Stonewall Index. Outside of Mastercard, Jennifer is on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross in Greater New York, and has been an active member of London’s House of St Barnabas since its inception. Jennifer believes in making the world around her more equitable, tolerant, and joyful.