Jane Gibbon (She/Her)

Chief People Officer

London Business School

Jane is Chief People Officer for London Business School. With a strong track record of delivering business-focused HR practice globally, Jane has worked in over 50 geographies including her native US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Jane’s experience began in the US working for internet pioneers such as AOL, Netscape and Yahoo. With the merger of AOL and Time Warner she started to work extensively in Europe, fuelling her passion for working cross-culturally.

She then moved to McDonald’s where she was the Chairman of the Women’s Leadership Network, and founded the Diversity and Inclusion function in Europe, and participated in a highly competitive global leadership programme.

Skilled at envisioning what is possible and articulating the vision to inspire others to action, she has subsequently served in a variety of HRD roles at Tesco, Starbucks, Just Eat and now London Business School. Jane has always kept building inclusive workplaces at the core of her work.

In 2018 she co-founded ”Lift As You Climb,” a non-profit group designed to create a unique networking space for women across generations to share lessons learned and pass wisdom down on a variety of topics, including mentoring, resilience and career planning. (www.liftasyouclimb.co.uk)

Her passion is building cultural bridges and creating workplaces where individuals can come be their authentic selves.